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Author: Kathleen George

In the humid dog days of a Pittsburgh summer weekend, Richard Christie, Head of Homicide, faces not one, but two mysterious murders. The victims -- a polite woman and an angelic child -- do not seem to be connected in any obvious way. Christie is short-handed, the clues don’t stack up, and he’s got a rookie detective, Colleen Greer, to look out for. These are his problems.

Colleen has problems, too. Her boyfriend is trying to break up with her, she’s got a serious crush on her mentor, Christie, and it turns out she knew both victims slightly. Early in the investigation, she gets an alarming idea about the perpetrator’s identity, but the man she suspects has no obvious connection to the victims. She has to move carefully with nothing but a gut feeling to go on -- all the while disturbed by a series of memories of her own childhood.

Kathleen George's novels have been praised for their subtle rendering of character and relationships -- whether those relationships are among detectives or in the families of criminals. Boldly and elegantly written, Afterimage is a startling thriller.

Afterimage (Richard Chrisite, #3)

Library Journal:

In investigating two brutal murders, detective Colleen Greer, the rookie member of the Pittsburgh Homicide Squad, is shocked to discover that she slightly knew the female victims (a quiet divorcée and an angelic child) from working at a family-counseling service. With little evidence, few suspects, and no apparent motivation for the killings, Greer must prove to her boss that her instincts are sound and her ability to handle the investigation is rock solid. In her third crime novel (after Fallen and Taken), George showcases her ability to craft a good mystery with an in-depth understanding of police work and attention to detail.


Kirkus Reviews:

Even though George  reveals whodunit fairly early on, the skillfully rendered characters draw you into their lives. An excellent procedural.


Mystery News:

Afterimage sizzles with irony, tension, and surprises. The author’s theatre background seems to have prepared her especially well for her skillful rendering of characterization through dialogue, which means that this highly recommended, fast-paced, character-driven thriller relies very little on extraneous narrative exposition and manipulative authorial intrusion (the latter being one of the unforgivable blemishes in too many efforts by fledgling mystery novelists). Nearly flawless in its plot and execution, Kathleen George's Afterimage is -- we can all hope -- just one of many Colleen Greer adventures waiting for us in the future.