St. Martin's Minotaur 2012

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Last Lawyer Standing

Author: Douglas Corleone

Defense attorney Kevin Corvelli fled from New York to Hawaii after the sensational death of one of his clients three years ago. Now, in the wake of another client's death—a client Kevin had fallen in love with—Kevin would run again if only he could pull himself free from a couple of high-profile, high-risk cases. The FBI is investigating the poisoning of a young woman who happened to be Governor Wade Omphrey’s mistress. The governor was off the island at the time, but that doesn’t mean that he didn't order the hit or that he doesn't need a hotshot lawyer like Corvelli defending him.

Then the DEA raids a local meth lab and Turi Ahina is picked up in the sweep. A career criminal, Ahina has set Corvelli up with plenty of client referrals, but Corvelli owes him for much more than that ever since Ahina saved his life. Now Ahina's only way out is to turn in the big man, and he can’t just tell the FBI who it is—they already know that. He needs to find him and set a trap, a trap that won't succeed without Corvelli's help. The plan is simple, as foolproof and dangerous as a suicide attempt.

As the stakes rise, Corvelli gets drawn in deeper and deeper until the only way he can escape is to stick it out to the end in Douglas Corleone's most compelling legal mystery yet.

Last Lawyer Standing (Kevin Corvelli #3)

Shine from Yahoo:

The author -- former New York City defense attorney Douglas Corleone -- devises a "never a dull moment" story of a criminal-defense lawyer facing assorted and sordid varieties of drugs, sex, and violence in and around the capital of the Aloha State. Paradise, in Corleone's hands, is not without its troubles. 


David Rosenfelt, author of the Andy Carpenter mystery novels:

A perfect blend of mystery and thriller, with laugh out loud moments sprinkled liberally throughout. Corleone is as good as it gets.