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Originally published by Warner Books in 1985


France: Presses de la Cite



Manuela Justine

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Surprise Party

Author: William Katz

Samantha has found the man of her dreams, and married him. Now, she is planning a party for his birthday. Wouldn't it be great, she thinks, if she could go back over Marty's life, find the people he's told her about, the people who've meant the most to him, and bring them to the party.

But when Samantha starts her search, she finds that none of those people exist. They have never existed. Everything is a lie. Marty's life is a lie. Marty is a lie.

Panicked, frightened that her ideal marriage is crashing, Samantha finally goes to the police. As the truth comes out, she realizes that it isn't only her marriage that can end, it's her life. And she knows the exact date it will happen.

Surprise Party

Publishers Weekly:



St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

 An orgy of anguished fright, breathless escapes, and a truly unexpected ending.


Library Journal:

Satisfyingly chilling.