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The Top Secret Food Truck Serves It Up

Author: Kerri Maher

Amelia is the kind of girl we're used to reading about: popular and spoiled. All of that changes, however, when her father announces that he’s been laid off from his job in finance. As she watches previously close friends drift away and begins to suspect that her parents' situation is even worse than they've let on, Amelia comes up with a plan to earn money.

An avid cook, Amelia is sure she can improve upon the abysmal fare served at her high school's home games, so she decides to open her own food truck with the help of two new friends. She neglects to tell her parents about this not entirely legal venture, but once the truck gains a devoted following, she can no longer keep it a secret. Her parents then drop another bombshell that will force Amelia to grapple with a very big decision.

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