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Originally published by Warner Books in 1988


France: Presses de la Cite

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After Dark

Author: William Katz

She's recently divorced and lonely. He's her handsome new neighbor. She longs for romance. His passion is murder.

And it all happens after dark.

Anne Seibert is bouncing back from a failed marriage. She has moved to a new town. But the pain she still feels has turned her into a chronic insomniac. Each night, unable to sleep, she stares out her window. And she sees the good-looking man across the street, leaving at the oddest hours.

Why? Where is he going?

He spots her. Why is she at that window? What is she doing?

They meet. Anne is attracted to him. He plays along, but he simply wants her removed from that window at night. So he sets a lure, a trap from which there would be no escape.

Seeking love, she will face death.

After Dark

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