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Originally published by Warner Books in 1987


France: Presses de la Cite

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Open House

Author: William Katz

A psychotic killer is stalking Manhattan. The victims have several things in common- they are all young women who lived in buildings without doormen. Each has been killed by a precise stab in the heart. And the murderer has left his calling card: a model of a Venetian gondola placed at the head of each victim. Each gondola is facing west.

Laura Barnett is an intended victim, but doesn't know it. She starts getting anonymous gifts, and at first laughs them off. But then they get more threatening, and she feels a sense of dread.

Her life, and potential death, are in the hands of a man who is himself tortured – Detective Leonard Karlov, a policeman who is deeply suspicious of, and paranoid about other policemen. Is this the kind of man who can save Laura's life?

We will find out, and solve the mystery of the little gondolas, and what they represent in the mind of a murderer.

Open House

The New York Times:

A well-contrived plot and a certain basic narrative power keep you turning the pages eagerly and effortlessly.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Tense mystery with excellent touches of local scenery…Fascinating…Fun to read and a challenge to decipher.


Publishers Weekly:

Spine tingling…the book has a fine, creepy flavor that triumphs.