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The Granite Moth

Author: Erica Wright
Kathleen Stone investigates a deadly explosion at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade and a murder at an exclusive club owned by the crime family that she's determined to bring down.
The Granite Moth (Kat Stone, #2)


More concentrated than Kathleen’s debut, Wright’s second entry begins to develop a detective who can shine through all those costume changes.

Melodie Johnson Howe, author of City of Mirrors:

A complex tale filled with humor and sharply drawn characters, Erica Wright takes the reader on a thrilling ride where confronting evil can scare you into hiding or help you come out of the shadows.


This brisk, dark, slinky sequel to Erica Wright’s first P.I. novel, The Red Chameleon, again features the winning Kathleen Stone, former cop and current private detective...Kat is a worthy heir to Sam Spade and Lew Archer, sharing their black coffee humor (offered sedatives or painkillers by a paramedic, she replies “Both?”) and underlying humanity...The Granite Moth confirms that Wright, an editor at the prestigious literary magazine Guernica, has a very promising second career on her hands.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Granite Moth struts into hard-boiled territory...a lively read as Kathleen tries to bring down a drug cartel while searching for the person behind a series of hate crimes.