Audible Originals 2020

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Dragonfly Summer

Author: J.H. Moncrieff

Jo never thought she'd return to Clear Springs. But when she receives a cryptic note referencing the disappearance of her friend Sam the summer before she graduated high school, she makes her way back to her small hometown to find out what really happened. When she arrives, she learns that her other closest friend, Amanda, has just died in an apparent accident. Nothing is as it seems, and Jo must probe Clear Springs' darkest corners and her own painful and unreliable memories to discover the truth – and save herself from the killer who's still on the hunt.

Dragonfly Summer

High Fever Books:

Moncrieff does a fantastic job building suspense throughout the course of Jo’s investigation, slowly pulling back the curtains to reveal the various tragedies that have befallen this small town and those left behind in the wake of whatever it was that ultimately happened to Samantha. The author lines up a number of plausible connections and red flags, peppering in a decent amount of action and hairpin thrills that keep you guessing. This is a solidly crafted whodunit, and Moncrieff seemingly effortlessly keeps the reader engaged and curious.

Kendall Reviews:

With one question raised after another, answers come in short supply. It continues this way through the book giving one tantalizing reveal after another, interspersed with ghostly voices, bloody handprints, and more than one suspect. The tension rarely quiets but instead keeps the story propelling forward. Moncrief has done an excellent job of creating a story that never lets you feel frustrated with answers just out of reach because she has created a main character that we empathize with and know they are struggling with revealing answers themselves. It is a clever twist on a murder mystery and brings the appropriate amount of thrilling tension to the supernatural aspects, also.

Reads & Reels:

This well-constructed mystery will keep you guessing...If you enjoy suspense with a sprinkling of the paranormal (just the right amount of ghost-y stuff—yay!), this book is for you.