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Without Warning

Author: Eugenia West

When Emma Streat’s megasuccessful CEO husband dies in a hit-and-run accident, she sets out to find his killer. The search plunges the dynamic ex-opera singer into an international high-tech world where a new laser invention may become a global threat. Using her talent for making unlikely connections, Emma becomes involved with an intriguing British peer who works undercover smoking out spies. Then two physicists are murdered and a key notebook stolen. Emma must keep her head while mourning her husband’s death and sustaining threats on her life. Her search spirals into a terrifying development — and a surprising end.

With her debut mystery, Eugenia Lovett West has crafted a thrilling and emotionally packed story. Emma Streat is a strong, appealing heroine, a resourceful woman who is determined to discover what shattered her quiet life, no matter the cost.

Without Warning

Publishers Weekly:

This engaging start of a new series introduces former opera star and blueblood Emma Streat. West spins a plausible tale, and flawed, grieving Emma makes an appealing heroine.


The Oklahoman:

This gripping story is outstanding in every aspect of an intriguing mystery -- plot, suspense, characterization and thrilling finale -- a very good one.


Richmond Times Dispatch:

Mysteries about strong women are nothing new, but Eugenia Lovett West provides a page turner of a twist in her first mystery, "Without Warning."

West  tells her story with style, with wit (Emma's godmother's voice "sounded like a tuba filled with gravel") and with panache worthy of Ian Fleming.


Kingston Observer:

This is a smashing, sophisticated, confident series debut featuring the elegant Emma Streat, former opera star, now a housewife living quite grandly in Connecticut. If you enjoy the work of Nancy Geary, who writes mysteries about the troubled wealthy, you'll certainly enjoy Eugenia West.


Lyme Times:

Simply engaging from start to finish. Clearly a series on its way.