Penguin 1991; revised edition, 1995; 2nd revised edition, 2007

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Looking Beyond The Ivy League: Finding The College That Is Right For You

Author: Loren Pope

An invaluable guide with virtually no competition, this book helped to establish Loren Pope as one of the nation's most respected experts on the college application process. Now fully revised and updated, Looking Beyond the Ivy League offers a step-by-step guide to selecting the right institution, a checklist of specific questions to ask when visiting a college, the secrets to creating good applications and good applicants, and much more. With as few as one-third of college students remaining at the institution they entered as freshmen, finding the right college is harder than ever before. This book makes it easier for students and their parents.

Looking Beyond the Ivy League: Finding the College That's Right for You

School Library Journal:

An authoritative, carefully expressed argument for aiming at a small liberal-arts college rather than a large, impersonal university. Pope claims that there is "a lot of non-Ivy quality available" for many kinds of students, and describes several colleges and programs to back up his points. This information, however, is limited. He describes ways in which learning-disabled students or low high-school achievers can obtain a college education, and includes sensible advice on the application/selection process and financial aid. Although some may justifiably argue that the picture of large universities isn't always quite as glum as he paints, Pope's recommendations and concerns are usually on target. His style is not upbeat like many guides of this type, such as Edward B. Fiske's How to Get into the Right College (Times, 1988), but it is practical and filled with wisdom and good examples. Students who are as interested in the social scene or extracurricular activities as they are in academics will not find the book as useful as those students primarily concerned with serious learning.


Library Journal:

If students use size, name, and prestige as the sole criteria for choosing a college, then they may be limiting their opportunities of finding a college that is right for them, says veteran college counselor Pope, director of the College Placement Bureau. Pope shares his "personal favorite" colleges and 200 other colleges worth considering because they provide a good experience and help students shape their futures. Chapter-length discussions deal with enhancing high school preparation, improving the attractiveness of the applicant and application, and more. Though similar to Richard Moll's The Public Ivys (Penguin, 1986) and Martin Nemko's How To Get an Ivy League Education at a State University (Avon, 1988), Pope's book covers a wider range of size and caliber than either of those, and therefore is more useful for students of varying academic goals and abilities. Well written, clear, and direct, this is enthusiastically recommended for high school, public, and community college libraries.


David A. Dudley, former admissions director at Columbia University and the Illinois Institute of Technology:

The best thing written about admissions in the last twenty years.