Singing Grass, Burning Sage: Discovering Washington's Shrub-Steppe

Author: Jack Nisbet

A celebration in photos and text of Washington's vast and, for the most part, unpopulated arid lands, this book provides and introduction to the 10.5-million-acre region dominated by sagebrush and bunchgrass, dotted by lush coulees and stunning basalt cliffs. Separate chapters examine the plants, animals, geology, and human history of this remarkable terrain, weaving in information from early explorers' journals and field biologists' notes.

Produced in partnership with The Nature Conservancy of Washington and written by Governor's Award-winning author and historian Jack Nisbet, this fascinating book features more than 70 color photographs of the wild habitats and inhabitants of this breathtaking extension of American West.

Singing Grass, Burning Sage

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