Touchstone/Fireside 2008

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Other Books by Jim Edgar

My Cat Hates You

Author: Jim Edgar

Before there were lolcats, there was Bad Cat. Now, in his first book since his #1 New York Times bestseller, Jim Edgar reveals what cats really think of you: not much.

Straight from his website, personal archives, victims' accounts, and anonymous underground sources, My Cat Hates You brings to light a conspiracy against mankind that reaches across the globe. Whether they're going fishing in the family fishbowl (or toilet), attempting to blast off to Mars when you aren't looking, mocking your taste in bed sheets, self-medicating with catnip, or hanging from the rafters ready to pounce, the delinquent cats within these pages can't conceal their contempt for you.

Keep this book out of reach of children and especially cats -- they don't need the encouragement.

My Cat Hates You

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