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The critical acclaim for THE GIVEN DAY keeps coming in, and we couldn’t be more pleased to share this trio of reviews with you.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune says, “It is a novel of epic proportions and yet compelling reading for each of its 700-plus pages. It is a historical novel that smacks of today’s politics. And it is Literature (with a capital L) disguised in potboiler clothing.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer gushes, “The Given Day moves at the pace of an Indiana Jones movie with a narrative voice that touches the eye and delights the ear. Dennis Lehane brilliantly paints the details of Boston’s 1918 streets, homes, bars, and meeting halls. The novel shows the influence of many writers, from John Dos Passos to E. L. Doctorow, but this book is all Lehane at his best.
Ft. Meyers News Press chimes in,
If “Mystic River” was an unforgettable appetizer of the Irish-American experience, Dennis Lehane’s long-awaited historical novel “The Given Day” is the feast we’ve waited more than seven years to savor.

Rich, complex and deeply moving, “The Given Day” is this year’s undisputed masterpiece, a grand, sprawling 720-page epic that moves like a thriller and cuts like bad news from home.

As always, you can find the full reviews here.


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