Unsolicited Submissions (We never call it “slush” here)

If you’ll pardon us for tooting our own horn, you might want to read Your First Novel to find out the best way to go about preparing your query letters, manuscripts, and proposals. Other excellent references are Writer’s Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents by Jeff Herman and Writer’s Market. You might even want to take an online course on how to get published like those offered by Gotham Writers’ Workshop. When you’ve done your research, perfected your query letter, and are ready to approach us about your book, here’s where to write us:

Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency, Inc.
15 Maiden Lane, Suite 206
New York, NY  10038

— or —


Please note:

You must include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with your snail mail query; otherwise you won’t get one of our pretty and very nice letters back.

If you query us by email, you’ll only hear back if it’s a “yes.”

Send only the first three chapters with your letter. If we want to read your entire manuscript, we’ll ask for it, so please wait for our answer before sending it in. (If you’re querying us by email, please paste the chapters into the body of your message instead of attaching them.)

Please make sure your pages are double-spaced — single-spaced pages give us blinding headaches and make us grumpy!

We do not accept queries by fax.

What we don’t represent:

Genre fiction
Books we don’t like
Synchronized swimming teams


If you’re interested in the film, television, or theatrical rights to any of our titles, email us at info(at)rittlit(dot)com. You should look at our Clients page to see which books have already been optioned or sold.


If you’re interested in the translation rights to any of our titles, email us at info(at)rittlit(dot)com. Go to our Clients page to see which books have already been sold overseas.

Referrals (Non-Medical)

If someone we know has referred you to us, email us at info(at)rittlit(dot)com about your book and our mutual friend.

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