A Breakout NYT Bestseller!

BreakingPointBoxWe are absolutely thrilled to tell you that BREAKING POINT debuted on not one, but FOUR New York Times bestseller lists! It’s currently #5 on the hardcover list, #9 on the combined print and e-book list, #12 on the e-book list, and #8 on the combined hardcover and paperback list! It also isn’t C.J. Box’s only book on a New York Times’ list — FORCE OF NATURE is currently #19 on the mass-market list!

If that weren’t enough, BREAKING POINT was also the #6 book in the Amazon UK Kindle store this weekend! 

See what fantastic things critics are saying about the book after the jump!

“The story has everything one could ask for in a Western thriller: well-drawn local characters, soulless bureaucrats whose meddling does more harm than good, lots of guns and horses, plenty of danger and suspense, a spectacular setting and a forest fire thrown in for good measure,” says The Washington Post. “Box tells his story in the first-rate prose his fans have come to expect: tight, precise language peppered by occasional poetic descriptions of land that both he and Joe Picket call home.”

Bookreporter says:

Just when you think that C.J. Box has reached the peak of his talents, the clouds lift, the sky clears, and another, much higher summit appears. The new territory in the current instance is Breaking Point, the latest installment in the Joe Pickett canon. The arrival of a new Pickett book (or any book by Box, for that matter) is noteworthy, but this particular volume is worth reading, given its subject matter, one that should concern anyone in the United States who owns real estate. Based on real-world events, this is one of those rare novels in which the author’s advocacy does not get in the way of the storytelling, which is first-rate from beginning to end.

Plot out several hours, sit down and crack the binding on this book, which will raise the hair on your neck and chill you to the bone.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer gives the book an ‘A,’ advising readers, “Schedule a massage before you begin this superlative thriller, because the tension starts early and never stops, as Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett battles everything that nature and government bureaucrats can throw at him. It’s the best installment yet in an already rich series.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, says, “The book builds toward a climax that includes a fast-spreading forest fire, an even faster mountain river and a drone bearing a Hellfire missile. As if the action isn’t enough, Box then gives readers a jaw-dropper of a surprise ending.”

Box’s high standards are evident in the latest novel in his series about Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett,” proclaims the Florida Sun Sentinel. “Breaking Point skillfully shows how government can enhance lives and preserve the environment while also portraying the legal system running amok. But Breaking Point is no treatise pitting an individual against the big bad Goliath of government. The book’s tense plot provides edge-of-the-seat suspense filled with unpredictable twists and realistic characters, all set against the vivid, wide-open spaces of Wyoming.” The reviewer concludes, “Based on a true incident, Breaking Point is infused with the frontier spirit of an old-fashioned Western. Box’s contemporary spin on that genre makes the book a satisfying thriller.”


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