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Dan Fesperman

Dan Fesperman’s ten novels have transported readers to harrowing places and intriguing eras — from the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, as in his debut, Lie in the Dark, to 1942 Manhattan as in his most recent book, The Letter Writer. His own travels as a writer have taken him to thirty countries and three war zones, first as a foreign correspondent for the Baltimore Sun, and more recently as a full-time novelist working on his own dime.

Lie in the Dark won Britain’s Dagger Award for best first novel. Its followup, The Small Boat of Great Sorrows, won the Dagger for best thriller, and The Prisoner of Guantanamo won the Dashiell Hammett award for best novel. He is also writing for a BBC television series in development which will dramatize the early history of the CIA.

A longtime resident of Baltimore, Dan grew up in Charlotte, N.C., and is a graduate of the University of North Carolina.