Bees are so amazing and NOW you can find out why!

Matt Kracht’s highly anticipated next book teaching you everything you need to know about the creatures who sustain us is here: OMFG BEES! BEES ARE SO AMAZING AND YOU’RE ABOUT TO FIND OUT WHY is available today, wherever books are sold!

Matt Kracht’s first two books taught us everything we need to know about dumb birds. Uncrate wrote about his first book: “There are loads of books out there for bird lovers, but until now, nothing for those that love to hate birds. The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America fills the void, packed with snarky illustrations that chastise the flying animals in a funny, profane way.”

Matt Kracht’s follow up will teach you everything you ever wondered about bees, and everything you didn’t even know you should think about. It is available wherever books are sold!

Keep up with Matt on his website, and on April 23rd, he will be doing an event at the legendary Powell’s City of Books! Tag us if you swing by!

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