Book Nerds Unite!

Although it might have been overshadowed by all the hubbub surrounding the juicier National Cheeseburger Day and arrrrr-ier National Talk Like A Pirate Day, Book Blogger Appreciation Week also occurred last week. While we love burgers and parrots as much as the next literary agency blog, we think that BBAW should also get its due, even if we’re a bit late in pointing it out.

Fortunately, ARLA author Kathleen McCleary was on top of things and wrote a great article for the occasion entitled “Why Book Blogs Matter.” She posits that they matter because “all of us who love reading — who may be introverts or extroverts, insanely happy or in despair, athletic or clumsy, beautiful or not-so-much — have, through the common bond of reading books, the chance to know we’re not alone.”

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