Bookreporter Eagerly Follows Fusilli Down Road To Nowhere

With ROAD TO NOWHERE, the first book in his new Samaritan series, Jim Fusilli has set off in a new direction, and is definitely enjoying the journey, saying the book “demonstrates yet another side of Jim Fusilli’s multi-faceted literary talent.”

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“While 2011’s Narrow’s Gate was an unforgettable, sprawling coming-of-age crime novel about family and friendship, his latest is a dark novel of bad acts and worse luck, set very much in the here and now, featuring a memorable and sympathetic protagonist whose life is carried out under a series of grim clouds,” they continue.

The review concludes:

ROAD TO NOWHERE is not a large book by any means, but its length and sparse prose belie its breadth and width. A great deal of it — particularly its Prologue and climax — reads like a haunting fever dream. Fusilli’s style here is markedly different from what was utilized in his past work, so surprises naturally abound. While he has written about loss before, this novel explores that topic from an entirely new direction. And while it is the type of work that asks — demands — to be read in one sitting, one is almost compelled to read it slowly, taking notes on Fusilli’s turns of phrase and underlining a sentence here and a paragraph there on nearly every page. It is also one of those books that almost begs for a film version, one that will almost never top the original work as a mood piece.


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