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Mother of Asili

Author: Debra Austin

Snap is Mother of the Asili, a matriarchal homo erectus clan living in south-east Africa a half-million years ago. Raising her children and turning the Asili from a band of outcasts to a thriving, respected village have made Snap a confident, if somewhat complacent, leader, but soon she will face the biggest challenges of her life – the loss of her closest friends, the splintering of her clan, and a threat to her own life.

As Snap's story continues in Mother of Asili, she is forced to see her friends and allies in a new light and to balance the traditions of her people with her own sense of morality. The development of religious thought, the significance of social cohesion, and the group’s treatment of the unconventional all serve as backdrops to Snap’s journey. As in Daughter of Kura, human ancestors deal with some essentially human problems against the dangerous backdrop of ancient Africa.

Mother Of Asili
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