Thomas & Mercer  2013

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Billboard Man

Author: Jim Fusilli

A man alone takes to the road following the brutal murder of his wife. After years lost to drifting and isolation—except for the comfort of the kind of women he cannot deny—he finds himself swept into a world of violence and danger, his life in the hands of a madman. Freed by an unexpected savior, he returns to the road, still a haunted man who remains the target of his estranged daughter's scorn.

But as he wanders from the red-rock spires of Arizona to Sun Studios in Memphis, he succumbs to sordid temptation—and is soon accused of murder. To clear himself, he must find the real killer, unaware that his nemesis, a Wall Street power broker, is manipulating him from afar and has unleashed a killer on his trail—and the trail of his daughter.

The second novel in the Sam series, Jim Fusilli's Billboard Man pulls the drifter off the long, dark road once again—long enough for him to find that the world is small when so many people want him dead.

Billboard Man

Library Journal:

At first blush, Fusilli’s sequel feels like one of Lee Child's Jack Reacher entries. But as the plot thickens, the situations grow funnier -- think Elmore Leonard. Offering a neatly plotted tale full of humor with just a little pathos, Fusilli, a music critic for The Wall Street Journal as well as a novelist, has created a captivating knight errant thriller.


J. Kingston Pierce for the Kirkus Reviews blog:

Billboard Man enjoys a fitting place in crime fiction, but you can see Fusilli experimenting with the genre’s limits, and maybe his own as well....Donnie Bliss' deliberate evolution as a loner, the humor that leavens this yarn, and the way Fusilli seeks a leanness of prose without wholly abandoning innovative imagery all lend depth to what’s shaping up to be Fusilli’s comeback series. Stick out a thumb, hop on board and then hold on tight.