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The Immune

Author: David Kazzie

Dr. Adam Fisher watches helplessly as a deadly virus sweeps the globe, wiping out much of humanity in a few weeks while he remains inexplicably immune. As the plague winds down, leaving a nearly empty planet in its wake, Adam learns that his college-aged daughter in California may still be alive, possibly sharing his rare immunity to the virus. With a raggedy band of other survivors he treks west to find her, discovering along the way a dangerous new enemy, and learning that his daughter may have become their latest victim.

THE IMMUNE, the Omnibus Edition, is available both in ebook and paperback format.  It can also be read as four separate ebook installments:

Part I - Unraveling
Part II - Void
Part III - Evergreen
Part IV - Citadel 


The Immune

What readers are saying:

 "Chilling and compelling, David Kazzie has created a masterful story of love, loss, and survival. The characters come alive on the page and, with his elegant writing, Kazzie keeps them hanging on, but barely, and you will be hanging on with them until the very end. This is a powerful story, wonderfully told." --Mark Pryor


"The Immune was just a terrific read, providing a roller coaster ride through the apocalypse and the quest for power. Kazzie tells a powerful tale, with relatable characters facing an unrelatable experience. The story was fast paced, the journey interesting. A great read all around!" --Patrick Riccards


"Excellent pacing and extremely well crafted and written. If you like plot, characters to root for, vivid imagery and a fresh take on a genre filled with more misses than hits lately, then Kazzie is your guy and The Immune is your novel. Tough to put this one down, so click add to cart and settle in." --Dave Buckley


"A great addition to the post-apocalyptic genre."  --Matthew Philips