Rules of War

Author: Matthew Betley

Following the events of the “fast, hard-hitting, and impossible to put down” (The Real Book Spy) Field of Valor, Logan West continues his mission to bring America’s traitorous vice president to justice, even as the clandestine group pulling all the strings makes one last deadly bid to regain their power.

The vice president of the United States is missing, the director of the National Security Agency has been assassinated, and the mysterious organization orchestrating global instability is in tatters. While John Quick recovers from a gunshot wound that nearly killed him, Logan West is on the hunt to bring the vice president back to the US to face justice for his treason. The final stakes have never been higher and Logan and his task force are left with little to no options. Will it be this warrior’s end?

Rules of War (Logan West #4)

Kirkus Reviews:

An action-packed tale of deep-state double crossings and the elite soldiers charged with ensuring American interests.

Publishers Weekly:

Stirring...Those who enjoy a mix of heated dialogue, nearly continuous violence, and lots of military jargon will be rewarded.

The Providence Journal:

No stranger to high-stakes, high-velocity tales, Betley outdoes himself here. We seem to be in a kind of golden age for this kind of thriller, thanks in large part to military veterans who’ve traded their M4 for a keyboard. Betley shines among that group, his prose as sharp as his aim, coming in staccato bursts that leave us breathless.

The Real Book Spy:

With all the players finally unmasked, Logan West sets his sights on the former VP and everyone else who’s helped him along the way, and in doing so, opens the biggest can of whoop-ass Betley’s readers have seen yet.

A former Marine himself, action and quick-witted dialogue have been Matthew Betley’s calling card throughout his writing career. And while the action and laugh-out-loud-funny one-liners are plentiful, he doesn’t receive enough credit for his ability to manipulate readers’ emotions. After showing flashes of such skill in Field of Valor (particularly when a father embraces his child for the last time), Betley—like everything else he does—takes it to the next level here, revealing a masterful touch in his handling of emotionally-charged scenes and a smooth prose to go with it. Bottom line: he’s no one-trick pony, and Betley, like his alter-ego protagonist, lays it all on the line here.

Told with blazing speed, Rules of War is another fun, timely, action-filled thriller from Matthew Betley—who packs more gunfights and daring sequences into his books than anyone else in the business.


Betley’s series featuring special-ops agent Logan West and his team keeps improving...Action ricochets from every page as the narrative heats up to a stirring conclusion. Give Betley to fans of Brad Taylor and Ben Coes.

Phillip Tomasso:

Betley does para-military thrillers like few authors can. This book (as with the first three in the series are complex, but straight-forward) is as compelling as they come. Set aside a few hours. Once you start reading you won’t be able to put the book down until the explosive conclusion!

Ben Coes, New York Times bestselling author of THE RUSSIAN:

RULES OF WAR is packed with action, intrigue, and a rising sense of hair-raising, high-stakes chaos. Matthew Betley has done it again. Logan West is a hard ass with a deep sense of patriotism, and if you’re a traitor to America you better run like hell.

Marc Cameron, New York Times bestselling author of OPEN CARRY:

Matt Betley's RULES OF WAR is authentic, intense, and lightning fast. Just the kind of book I love to read.