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Hammett Award finalist, 2004

Anthony Award for Best Novel finalist, 2004

Barry Award for Best Novel finalist, 2004

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Other Books by Dennis Lehane

Shutter Island

Author: Dennis Lehane

Summer, 1954.

U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels has come to Shutter Island, home of Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Along with his partner, Chuck Aule, he sets out to find an escaped patient, a murderess named Rachel Solando, as a hurricane bears down upon them.

But nothing at Ashecliffe Hospital is what it seems.

And neither is Teddy Daniels.

Is he there to find a missing patient? Or has he been sent to look into rumors of Ashecliffe’s radical approach to psychiatry? An approach that may include drug experimentation, hideous surgical trials, and lethal countermoves in the shadow war against Soviet brainwashing ...

Or is there another, more personal reason why he has come there?

As the investigation deepens, the questions only mount:

How has a barefoot woman escaped the island from a locked room?

Who is leaving clues in the form of cryptic codes?

Why is there no record of a patient committed there just one year before?

What really goes on in Ward C?

Why is an empty lighthouse surrounded by an electrified fence and armed guards?

The closer Teddy and Chuck get to the truth, the more elusive it becomes, and the more they begin to believe that they may never leave Shutter Island. Because someone is trying to drive them insane ...

Shutter Island

The New York Times:

[A]n eerie, startlingly original story ... [Lehane writes] with a crisp clarity that makes the layout of Shutter Island instantly cinematic ... [A] deft, suspenseful thriller that unfolds with increasing urgency until it delivers a visceral shock in its final moments. When it comes to keeping readers exactly where he wants them, Mr. Lehane offers a bravura demonstration of how it's done.


Publishers Weekly (starred):

All of the characters ... are wonderful creations, but no more wonderful than the spot-on dialogue with which Lehane brings them to life and the marvelous prose that enriches the narrative ... There is no mystery ... about how good this book is; like Mystic River, it's a tour de force.


Kirkus Reviews (starred):

Lehane's lollapalooza of a corkscrew thriller ... After an extraordinarily humane series of neo-noirs, Lehane has produced a brilliantly far-fetched page-turner that's sure to be the most talked-about thriller of the year.


The Miami Herald:

The ride this novel provides is as good as entertainment gets.


The Washington Post:

To finish the novel -- and it would be criminal even to hint at its ending -- is to be disoriented, perhaps angered, and finally to reflect on the ability of a master storyteller to play havoc with our minds. If we could bring back Edgar Allan Poe and equip him with today's postmodern bag of tricks, he might give us a tale as unexpected and unsettling as Shutter Island.


San Francisco Chronicle:

Anyone dazzled by Dennis Lehane's previous psychological thriller, Mystic River, will be completely blown away by his new work, Shutter Island. This is really good stuff, a moody, deeply atmospheric mystery that combines the claustrophobia of an Agatha Christie whodunit with the creepiness of a good Stephen King yarn. Shutter Island has its share of chills, but the real pleasure is in its unrelenting tightening of the vise on both Daniels and readers. At times, the pressure is so fierce, you find yourself begging for relief. There isn't any. Good luck putting this one down.


The Denver Post:

Shutter Island is a tremendously satisfying thriller. The suspense is molasses-thick with a plot that will keep you guessing. Lehane doesn't miss a trick. It's a great, fun read, and then there's that ending. You're sure to talk about this one over lunch.



[Dennis Lehane is one of] the very best young mystery writers.


USA Today:

It has the headlong suspense and whopper of a story you would expect in any well-made thriller.


Austin American-Statesman:

Shutter Island is another exceptional accomplishment.