Simon & Schuster 1992

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Other Books by Andrew Barr

Wine Snobbery: An Expose

Author: Andrew Barr

A behind-the-scenes look at the wine trade offers an unsparing portrait of an industry riddled with dubious practices and dishonest dealings and shows how rigged tastings lead to overpriced wines and more.

Wine Snobbery: An Expose

The Wine Advocate:

Perhaps one of the most important wine books written in the last decade ... Andrew Barr has shown tremendous courage in writing a book of this nature.



About 40% of Americans drink wine at least occasionally. Any of them who latch onto Wine Snobbery will have their eyebrows raised by this self-styled expose of what's behind — and what sometimes goes into — the noble beverage ... [T]here's no question he knows which closets have skeletons in them.


Kirkus Reviews:

Wine drinkers of America, get ready for a roasting. According to this American edition of British wine-writer Barr's exposeé-cum-put-down, the great American wine boom of the 70's and early 80's was fueled by white wines that we drank too cold and too sweet, and specifically by pop wines, coolers, and that fad of the bourgeoisie, white zinfandel. Snob or antisnob, read on and you, too, dear hypocrite lecteur, may squirm yet.


The Washington Post:

Certainly, Wine Snobbery will make you think twice as you wander through the fine wines section of your local wine shop.


Library Journal:

[Barr's] extensive research and critical approach provide unusual insight and considerable detail not found elsewhere. Even those who differ with Barr's conclusions should agree that he offers a unique, often uncomplimentary perspective on the world of wine as it has developed and pretty much as it is today.