C.J. Box Corrals Some More Good Reviews

More praise for IN PLAIN SIGHT, the most successful novel in C.J. Box’s Joe Pickett series so far.

The Baltimore Sun calls it “gripping and thoughtful,” saying that “Thanks to the exploration of rich conflicts and relentless suspense, C.J. Box shows how his hotheaded protagonist makes choices that affect all and forever change the dynamics of family.”

The Denver Post also thinks it’s a “gripping story,” with “all the right elements in the proper order, all packed with the right punch.” The reviewer says the ending is “riveting and shocking.”

In Plain Sight is the sixth in the series, and the best,” asserts the Toronto Globe and Mail. “Box has it all: great characters, a wonderful sense of place, and a kind of western rural landscape that seems to embody the best of the United States.”


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