C.J. in the WSJ

The Wall Street Journal ran an article last Friday about the revival of the literary thriller. Among its top picks for exciting summer reading was C.J. Box’s FREE FIRE. Here’s what they have to say about Joe Pickett’s latest adventure:

The Plot: A lawyer murders four people in Yellowstone National Park and gets away with it because the crime took place in the park’s “free fire” zone, where some crimes can’t be prosecuted. Game warden Joe Pickett tries to figure out the murderers’ motives, leading him to a conspiracy in the Park Service.
The Backstory: Mr. Box wanted to write a story about Yellowstone’s workers from their point of view. The book has garnered prepublication raves.
What Grabbed Us: Yellowstone in all its dangerous glory–the author conveys a vivid sense of the park and its unpredictable topography.


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