C’est Magnifique! French Praise for WORLD GONE BY

french cover

In its first week of publication, WORLD GONE BY (CE MONDE DISPARU) entered the bestseller list of industry magazine Livres Hebdo.  Pas mal!

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Some excerpts from the French Press:


“Much more than an umpteenth book on gangsters, Lehane gives us a skillful reflection on good and evil, on all those sufferings we inflict on others in spite of ourselves, those lives we broke without noticing. In grey nuances, marked with melancholy, WORLD GONE BY is a grand novel on the end of innocence.”   – Lire magazine 

 “Among many qualities, WORLD GONE BY achieves 2 ‘goals’ that Lehane shares with Ellroy : the underground counter-history of  contemporary America and the in-depth study of the outlaws’ intern psyche.” – Marianne 

 “Lehane treats us and seems to treat also himself in this thriller, playing with stunning subtlety and elegance with all the codes of the thriller genre which he repaints with the colors of Fall’s melancholy…. Meanwhile, Lehane composes a sort of symphony for those bad boys gone, those corrupted heroes, those bonds forever undone. So, is it a tragedy ? Yes, but one of time gone by.”  – Livres Hebdo  

 “WORLD GONE BY, carried by suspense all along, is  the most elegiac noir novel by the author so far. It is the fresco of a collective disaster, in which everybody ends up orphaned,  included the reader who sees all the characters whose criminal acts he followed,  disappear little by little.”  – Le Monde


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