Cleveland Plainly Loves C.J. Box!

Stone_cold_box“Box gets everything right: believably real characters, a vivid setting, clear prose and ratcheting tension. Maintaining these standards over 14 novels is more than impressive,” says the Cleveland Plain Dealer of STONE COLD. They call it “yet another superlative outing” from C.J. Box and give it a grade of A!

More praise for the book, which is out now, after the jump!

The Associated Press says, “There are precious bits scattered in the story like so many nuggets of Black Hills gold.” 

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch would like to “thank author Box for another dandy tale — with an even dandier surprise ending.”

Stone Cold has non-stop action with captivating characters. The plots are thought provoking, suspenseful, and compelling. These western tale books are a welcome difference from other crime novels and should be on any readers’ list that wants a thrilling mystery,” says Military Press

“As with every book in the Pickett series, Box weaves vivid descriptions of Wyoming’s landscape and the personal drama of Pickett’s family into a blistering page-turner,” says The Arizona Republic

Want more Box? Read a transcript of his recent interview with Hugh Hewitt and check out his website to see if he’ll be heading your way on his book tour!


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