Countdown To Three Week’s UK Publication

The momentum keeps building for THREE WEEKS TO SAY GOODBYE’S U.K. publication in December with a blitz of online publicity.

Shots Mag says that “C.J. Box is a huge bestseller in the States, and, when Three Weeks to Say Goodbye hits bookshelves in the U.K., he’s destined to win a big audience over here as well,” adding,”This is a terrific thriller with suspense mounting inexorably and nasty surprises coming from all directions. It’s also packed with memorable characters. Make a note of the name. C.J.Box is here to stay.”

Tangled Web says the book is “a must read for fans of Linwood Barclay and Harlan Coben.”

More reviews are forthcoming in,, The Liffeyside Blog, and It’s A Crime.

Box will be the featured author in December at, and Book Club Forum, Critical Mick, and Crime Always Pays will feature interviews with him.

There’s plenty more to come, so check back here for updates!

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