Critics Agree That Back of Beyond is Beyond

Back of Beyond by C.J. BoxC.J. Box’s BACK OF BEYOND, just debuted at #20 on BookScan, and the rave reviews have already started rolling in! After the jump, check out the praise for what the Associated Press calls “his best book yet.”

More nice words from the Associated Press:

Box’s Blue Heaven won the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award for the best novel of 2008, but the new book may be his best yet.

The novel is beautifully written, especially when Box is portraying the Yellowstone landscape.

“It was still moist in the trees from a brief rain shower that came at dawn as they set out, and raindrops clung like tears to the tips of the pine needles. Occasionally, there was a break in the canopy and light streamed through like jail bars.”

The plot is a roller-coaster ride of unexpected twists and turns, making Back of Beyond one of the most suspenseful wilderness thrillers since Deliverance. And Box’s characters are so real that you want to reach out and shake their hands — or flee from them as fast as you can.

People featured it in last week’s issue as one of their “great reads,” and Library Journal says, “As Box has shown in his Joe Pickett series, he knows life and death in the backcountry like few other writers today.”

The Houston Chronicle chimes in with their love for the novel’s protagonist, saying “Cody is a great creation — a gut-churningly convincing drunk who stubbornly forges on in the face of arson attack, his own paranoia, and some hapless horsemanship, intent on saving his son from a murderer whose identity is tantalizingly elusive.”

We’re sure that reading all of this praise has made you want to get your hands on a copy of this book right now! Luckily for you, iTunes is featuring it as their Audiobook of the Month, so head over there and download a copy!

If you want to listen to even more things C.J. Box-related, click here for an interview he recently did with the BBC radio program “The Strand.”



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