Das Awesome

Das RacistHimanshu Suri and Victor Vazquez of Das Racist, ARLA’s favorite “proto-postworld pop” group, recently told The New York Times Magazine why they “are better at rapping than everyone else who raps.”

They’re in the middle of a world tour right now, so if you’re in Berlin tonight, go check them out! Details below:

Monday, December 6th at 9:30PM
Berlin, Germany

Tuesday, December 7th at 9PM
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wednesday, December 8th at 9PM
Ghent, Belgium

Thursday, December 9th at 9PM
Nouveau Casino
Paris, France

Friday, December 10 at 9PM
Metz, Lorraine, Frenace

Saturday, December 11th at 9PM
Queen Kong Club
Neuchatel, Suisse, Switzerland

Sunday, December 12th at 9PM
Caves du Manoir
Martigny, Valais, Switzerland

Monday, December 13th at 9PM
Plan B
London, United Kingdom

Tuesday, December 14th at 9PM
CSOA Cox 18
Milan, Italy

Wednesday, December 15th at 9PM
Lugano, Switzerland

Thursday, December 16th at 9PM
La Mez
Besancon, France

Friday, December 17th at 9PM
Mulhouse, France

Saturday, December 18th at 9PM
La Vapeur
Dijon, Bourgougne, France


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