Does Three of a Kind Beat a Busted Flush?

Three book websites recently gave Brad Smith’s BUSTED FLUSH some glowing reviews.

BookLoons antes up with: “What a delight of a book…Don’t miss Busted Flush. It’s a fun book that proves there are still some people who are willing to take the time to smell the roses, and wise enough to outwit the bad guys at their own game.”

Bookbitch weighs in:

Brad Smith created a hero for his novel, Busted Flush, that I wish I knew. Dock Bass is a decent, down-to-earth, honest man with a sarcastic, dry humor. Unfortunately, when we first meet Dock he’s stuck in a real estate job he hates, working for a dishonest boss, and living with a money-grubbing wife.

Brad Smith’s enjoyable novel is a study in character and opportunity. Given the opportunity for fame and fortune, would a man give up his decency and character? Many of the characters in residence in Gettysburg in Busted Flush would eagerly sell anything for fame and fortune. Does Dock Bass have a price?

DorothyL sees that and raises:

The characters and the plot seem to be predictable, but just when the reader is groaning at the sure turn of events, something totally unpredictable happens! Busted Flush lives up to its title leaving the reader to guess who is wearing the poker face in the end…This book could be a fast read as the writing is snappy and fast paced, but if the reader zips through it too quickly, some really interesting historical details might be missed.

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