Everyone wants to move to the CITIES OF WEATHER

Over the last few weeks, people have been saying some wonderful things about Matthew Fox’s collection, CITIES OF WEATHER:

Jhumpa Lahiri, Pulitzer Prize winning author of THE INTERPRETER OF MALADIES and THE NAMESAKE:
Matthew Fox possesses the virtues of a first-rate story teller: depth of feeling, breadth of vision, and a fresh, vigorous voice. He is a fearless young writer, and CITIES OF WEATHER is a striking debut.

Jonathan Dee, author of PALLADIO and ST. FAMOUS:
Comparisons to Alice Munro have nothing to do with their common nationality: Matthew Fox writes with a patient psychological acuity that belies his tender years. That he is able to pack what feels like a novel’s worth of development into the short-story form is the genius of his art and marks him as a writer to watch, not just for this season but for many seasons to come.

Helen Schulman, author of P.S. and THE REVISIONIST:
I loved CITIES OF WEATHER. This smart debut collection of stories captures twenty-something ennui with wit and sympathy. Fox turns his harsh, loving lens on those of us, the presently or formerly young, who struggle, without a map, for purpose and meaning, under the burden of being too free.


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