Friday Night Rights — And Delights!

Hello, literature fans. It’s been a long time since we’ve done a Friday Night Rights post, so we have a doozie for you!

Thanks to the hard work of ARLA’s international teammates, our bookshelf will soon be looking like the Olympic Village — and so will yours! To celebrate all of these great foreign deals, we’re giving away some of our favorite international editions, as well as advance reader’s editions of selected titles. Scroll down to the end of the post to see how you can get your hands on them!

A lot of these deals were lay-ups, going to Dennis Lehane’s longtime fans: Misook Hong sold MOONLIGHT MILE to Minumin in Korea, Ulf Töregård sold it to Bonniers in Sweden and Tammi in Finland (who also decided to renew their licenses for SHUTTER ISLAND and MYSTIC RIVER), Michele Kanonidis sold it to Rivages in France, Naomi Colvin sold it to The House of Books in the Netherlands, Daniela Petracco sold it to Companhia das Letras in Brazil, Sarah Nundy sold it to RBA in Spain, and Sabine Pfannensteil-Wright sold it to Ullstein in Germany.

There were also a couple of very nice surprises! Ilana Kurshan at the Deborah Harris Agency, the hotshot rookie on the ARLA team, scored a deal with Aryeh Nir Publishers in Israel for Lehane’s latest. It sold in Poland to Proszynski I Ska, who, thanks to the good work of Aleksandra Matuszak at ANAW, also bought A DRINK BEFORE THE WAR; DARKNESS, TAKE MY HAND; and SACRED.

Next, we had some Greeks bearing gifts; Kedros bought MOONLIGHT MILE and THE GIVEN DAY, thanks to John Moukakos at the JLM Literary Agency.

Petra Tobiskova and Jana Borovanova of Team Prague sold A DRINK BEFORE THE WAR to Epocha in the Czech Republic and SHUTTER ISLAND to Mladinska knjiga Zalozba in Slovenia.

SHUTTER ISLAND will also be published in a German audio edition, thanks to Schreiber & Leser and Sabine.

Atticus in Russia made a play for THE GIVEN DAY and MOONLIGHT MILE, with assists from Ludmilla Sushkova and Vladimir Chernyshov at Andrew Nurnberg Associates in Moscow.

Through Daniela Petracco, Piemme decided to renew its licenses for all of Lehane’s backlist. She also convinced them to bring a bit of BLUE HEAVEN to Italy. There are sunny skies over Bulgaria, too, thanks to Hermes and Mira Droumeva at ANA Sofia.

In other C.J. Box news, THREE WEEKS TO SAY GOODBYE went to Forum in Sweden (another score for Ulf) and to Centrepolygraph in Russia (thanks again to our Moscow dream team). Aleksandra Matuszak sold Box’s forthcoming standalone, BACK OF BEYOND, to the most awesomely named publisher in Poland the world, Wydawnictwo Albatros Andrzej Kurylowicz.

We’re too worn out to think of a hockey pun to use, but Goose Lane Editions and ARLA made a nice deal with Groupe Librex for French rights for YOU COMMA IDIOT.

At the buzzer, ARLA sold world English rights to Kathleen McCleary’s next two novels, A SIMPLE THING and LEAVING HAVEN, to Tessa Woodward at William Morrow.

Great game, everyone!

Want to get in on the action? Check out this list of foreign and advance reader’s editions that we have for you! If you’d like one of the books listed below, all you have to do is mail us a self-addressed pre-paid USPS Priority Mail envelope and tell us which one you’d like.

Author Title Language Format Quantity ISBN
Laura Whitcomb A Certain Slant of Light


Korean Trade Paperback 1 9788901086378
Dennis Lehane A Drink Before the War

(Streng vertraulich!)

German Trade Paperback 2 9783548261393
Kathleen George Afterimage English Advance Reader’s Edition 1 9780312372491
C.J. Box Below Zero English Trade Paperback 1 9780399155758
Dennis Lehane Darkness, Take My Hand

(Abrazame, oscuridad)

Spanish Trade Paperback 2 9788498678321
Dennis Lehane Darkness, Take My Hand

(Duister als de nacht)

German Trade Paperback 1 9789044307122
Dennis Lehane Darkness, Take My Hand

(Mörker, ta min hand)

Swedish Trade Paperback 2 9789174290301
Dennis Lehane Darkness, Take My Hand

(어둠이여 내 손을 잡아라(밀리언셀러 클럽 10)

Korean Trade Paperback 2 9788960172302
Dennis Lehane Gone, Baby, Gone

(Kein Kinderspiel)

German Hardcover 1 9783548253404
Dennis Lehane Moonlight Mile

(En mörk välsignelse)

Swedish Hardcover 2 9789100125660
Dennis Lehane Moonlight Mile

(Het verleden spreekt)

Dutch Trade Paperback 1 9789044328004
Doug Magee Never Wave Goodbye English Advance Reader’s Edition 1 9781439153987
Mark Caldwell New York Night English Advance Reader’s Edition 3 9780743242769
C.J. Box Nowhere to Run English Advance Reader’s Edition 2 9780399156458
Douglas Corleone One Man’s Paradise English Advance Reader’s Edition 1 9780312611583
Dennis Lehane Prayers for Rain Complex Chinese Trade Paperback 3 9789862350973
Dennis Lehane 데니스루헤인 Sacred

(신성한 관계(밀리언셀러 클럽 14)

Korean Trade Paperback 3 9788960172319
Dennis Lehane Shutter Island

(De gales øy)

Norwegian Trade Paperback 2 9788202304683
Kathleen George Taken English Trade Paperback 1 9780385335478
Kathleen George Taken

(Voleurs d’enfants)

French Trade Paperback 3 9782702874462
Dennis Lehane The Given Day Korean Hardcover 6 9788960172784
Dennis Lehane The Given Day Korean Hardcover 2 9788960172777
Dennis Lehane The Given Day

(Un pays à l’aube)

French Trade Paperback 2 9782743621308
Darrin Gee The Seven Personalities of Golf: Discover Your Inner Golfer to Play Your Best Game English Hardcover 3 9781584797319

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