Friday Night Rights

ARLA’s agents across the universe have been working around the clock to spread the word of great books in more languages than we can count — even Canadian! Here’s what they’ve done in 2010 alone:

C.J. Box’s Edgar Award-winning standalone, BLUE HEAVEN, has been sold by Aleksandra Matuszak of ANAW in Poland to Wydawnictwo Albatros Andrzej Kurylowicz, while Miko Yamanouchi of Japan Uni sold THREE WEEKS TO SAY GOODBYE (his second standalone) to Hayakawa in Japan. Ulf Toregard of the Sane Toregard agency sold both of those books to Klim in Denmark, along with Chuck’s forthcoming standalone, BACK OF BEYOND (St. Martin’s Press 2011).

Dennis Lehane’s SHUTTER ISLAND (cf. the #1 box office hit!) has new deals all over the place! Ulf Toregard sold it to Lindhardt & Ringhof in Denmark, while Atilla Turgut of the Akcali Copyright Agency sold it to Artemis Yayinlari in Turkey, Ludmilla Sushkova of Andrew Nurnberg Associates Moscow sold it to Atticus in Russia, and Kristine Supe of Andrew Nurnberg’s Baltic office sold it to Carobna Knjiga in Serbia. Daniela Petracco of Andrew Nurnberg Associates sold it to Edizioni BD in Italy, while Michele Kanonidis of La Nouvelle Agence sold the graphic novel to Compupress in Greece (don’t mention the Euro!).

Laura Whitcomb’s award-winning novel A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT will be published in Turkey by Bilge Kultur Sanat thanks to Atilla Turgut. Shari Smiley of Creative Artists Agency also optioned film rights to producer Kristin Hahn.

Brazilians and Germans will NEVER WAVE GOODBYE again after reading the forthcoming novel by Doug Magee, thanks to Sextante and Aufbau, respectively. Daniela Petracco and fellow Nurnberger Sabine Pfannensteil-Wright oversaw those deals. Touchstone, a division of Simon and Schuster, will publish in the U.S. this June.

ARLA’s own Penn Whaling has sold May-lee Chai’s DRAGON CHICA to Gemma Media, a Boston publishing house, and her client Doug Harris’s YOU COMMA IDIOT (aka BEST TITLE EVER) will be published by Goose Lane Editions in Canada.



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