Gone Baby Gone Opens Tomorrow!

Ben Affleck’s directorial debut opens tomorrow nationwide. Affleck’s brother Casey stars as Private Investigator Patrick Kenzie, and Michelle Monaghan is Patrick’s partner, Angie Genarro. Morgan Freeman plays Captain Jack Doyle, and Ed Harris is Detective Remy Bressant. Amy Ryan is riveting as Helene McCready, a Boston mother whose child is kidnapped.

If you haven’t already bought those tickets online, perhaps the four star review from the Associated Press will have you running to the box office this weekend:

Working with two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer John Toll and composer Harry Gregson-Williams, Affleck never sugarcoats or overdramatizes the surroundings, instead establishing a mood that’s fraught with danger, suspicion and dark discoveries around every corner. It’s depressing and bleak, but also excitingly alive and real.

That pervasive sense of moral ambiguity is one of the strongest elements of “Gone Baby Gone,” and it will you keep you thinking and talking about the film long after it’s over.


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