It All Began So Simply

We’re excited to tell you Kathleen McCleary’s A SIMPLE THING, which Booklist called “a careful examination of friendship, marriage, and parenting; the choices we all face; and the battle so often waged between love and responsibility,” is out now! To celebrate, Kathy’s going on a whirlwind blog tour. Details after the jump!

The first stop on the blog tour was Sara’s Organized Chaos, which said:

First off, you can tell a lot of heart went into this book. I really love reading a book that obviously had a lot of love, care, and thought put into it because it just makes it that much better. 

I will have to say–I really loved the ending. I felt like every character got the closure that they needed, story lines were wrapped up nicely and everything comes full circle. I have to say though that my favorite part of the book is Betty’s story and Barefoot, another islander. What a great story with an ending that I have my own take on. But it’s a really good book that is a fast read and it might make you think about what would you do if you were in Susannah’s shoes. 

 The rest of the schedule is below, so be sure to see what these bloggers have to say about this terrific new book!

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