Janet Maslin Praises Lehane’s Latest

Moonlight Mile by Dennis LehaneNormally, we aren’t very cheerful in the morning before we’ve had our coffee, but we were certainly smiling this morning when we woke up to see Janet Maslin’s review of MOONLIGHT MILE on the front page of The New York Times‘ Arts section!

The book is a sequel to the “taut, exposition-packed” Gone, Baby, Gone, and Maslin writes:

What can keep “Moonlight Mile” from heading down an overly well-trodden path? Only the conviction with which Mr. Lehane breathes life into these characters. Unlike the usual sequel writer who simply puts old creations through new paces, Mr. Lehane registers a deep affection for the Kenzie-Gennaro team and a passionate involvement in their problems. And he treats each book in this series as an occasion for wondering what kind of world can produce the depravity that each new plotline describes.

MOONLIGHT MILE comes out on Tuesday, so if you’re a fan of Lehane’s “acid-etched dialogue” and “fine powers of description,” you’ll definitely want to pick up a copy!


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