Kat Stone’s Triumphant Return!

blkingfisherErica Wright’s new Kat Stone mystery is on shelves now! See below for more:

Publishers Weekly called Wright’s latest “intriguing,” praising “fascinating and fully developed characters” and declaring, “Wright’s vividly told tale is studded with dry wit.”

And blogger The Irresponsible Reader praised Kat as a heroine: ” Kat is clever, very clever when she’s not distracted. She’s resourceful. She may not have the skills of Lori Anderson or even Charlie Fox when it comes to weapons or hand-to-hand, but she’s got a mental toughness that’s hard to beat. And I really hope to see how she moves forward — because there’s just no way that what comes next is going to look too much like what’s come before, and I’m very curious about that…This is a good, satisfying PI novel with a protagonist that you will definitely enjoy. Like its predecessor, it’s a decent jumping on point for a new reader, and a welcome return to the world for someone who’s met Kat before. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in this series already.”

Wright talked to The Big Chill about the sharks, jellyfish, and other colorful characters that populate Kat Stone’s New York – check it out here! And be sure to catch her on tour this fall.


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