Kirkus Praises Kerri Majors’ “Upbeat And Honest Guide” For Young Writers

Kerri Majors This Is Not A Writing ManualIt may not be a writing manual, but, according to Kirkus, YARN editor Kerri Majors’ forthcoming book is an “upbeat and honest guide for teens already considering writing careers.” They declare, “Clearly, Majors knows what she’s talking about, and readers will recognize they’re getting advice from someone who knows.”

Look for THIS IS NOT A WRITING MANUAL in July from Writer’s Digest! In the meantime, check out more advance praise after the jump!

Francisco X. Stork, author of Irises, says:

This Is Not a Writing Manual is a personal book in the best sense of the word. Kerri Majors’ advice is hard won. It comes from her own joys and disappointments, her hopes and unwavering dedication to writing. The book, as the title says, will not teach you how to write. What the book will do is take you, like a trusted friend, through some of the decisions you will need to make in order to be a writer. It’s practical and heartfelt wisdom will prepare you for the challenges and fulfillments of the writing life.

“A personal and invigorating memoir of the creative life, This Is Not a Writing Manual offers wisdom, camaraderie, and inspiration for newbies and veterans alike, declares John Cusick, literary agent and author of Girl Parts.

Black Helicopters author Blythe Woolston says, “When I was a writing teacher, I met many talented, passionate young writers who wondered how to move forward. I sincerely wish I’d had Kerri Majors’ This Is Not a Writing Manual to help them. Never prescriptive, always honest, this book is a genuine resource that grapples with the real work of writing — finding courage, finding time, and finding a way.”

“I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and read this book twenty years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time, grief, and paper, “says Allen Zadoff, author of Boy Nobody. “The good news is you can read it now.” (Or least preorder it!)


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