Libby Hellmann Bakes A Tough Cookie

Forget Toll House and its famous chocolate chip cookies! According to crime-fiction blog The Rap Sheet, Bleak House has the recipe for the best hard-boiled treats around!

The blog recently had all sorts of nice things to say about DOUBLEBACK, Libby Fischer Hellman’s latest mystery from Bleak House Books:

Not at all a cozy, Hellman’s new book is one tough cookie. When I think of Libby Fischer Hellmann, her two excellent series come to mind: the longer one about video producer and single mother Ellie Foreman, and the newer one about ex-Chicago cop-turned-private investigator Georgia Davis…Now Hellmann has combined her two protagonists into one strong and moving novel…Hellmann has done such a good job of bringing her dual principals to vivid life in Doubleback, that you believe every word of it.

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