Looking For Some Great Summer Reading?

According to the critics, A SIMPLE THING is one book you won’t want to miss this summer!

USA Today chose it as one of their 10 hottest beach reads “because when you’re sitting on a very hot beach, it’s nice to be transported to a very cool pine-laden island off the coast of Oregon.” 

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Echoing USA Today’s sentiment, Book Loons says, “Written with insight and compassion, A SIMPLE THING by Kathleen McCleary is a good read, great for summer beach reading.”

librarycrystal also tells her readers to make sure this novel is in their suitcase: “If you love women’s fiction or anything about motherhood, you will not want to miss this novel. It’s also a GREAT vacation read, especially if you are ‘roughing’ it.”

BookNAround says, “This is a novel of not just survival but of coming through hardships stronger than before.  It is about learning to let go when necessary and to let love and trust carry the day, even if doing so is one of the hardest things ever.  This novel of two women trying to make the right and best life they can for those they love is a quick and pleasing read.”

Jenn’s Bookshelves named it a pick of the month, saying, “A SIMPLE THING is an incredibly endearing and heartwarming story not only about a mother’s love but coming to terms with one’s own past. I guarantee that readers of all types–single or married, with children or without–will form a connection with this novel. Highly recommended.”

“A SIMPLE THING is a great read for anyone who has questioned their ability and sanity in raising children, or anyone looking for a well written story,” according to LitStack. “Be sure to block a generous amount of time for yourself, as McCleary’s latest is one that is tough to put down.”

“A SIMPLE THING is a novel that has many facets and a simple and clear main truth: it’s important to forgive and to let go,” says S. Krishna’s Books. “This is a character driven novel, and McCleary does a wonderful job making her characters three-dimensional. They aren’t perfect, but they’re very realistic. McCleary’s novel has a lot going on in it (though it never feels crammed or jumbled), but it’s still an easy, enjoyable read. Book clubs should definitely consider this book, as it has a lot of issues jam-packed into its small package.” 

The Review Broads offer some great advice:

If you are looking for a sweet and sanguine novel, with in depth characters that sneak into your heart while you are not looking, take a peek at A SIMPLE THING. A SIMPLE THING rocks you gently as it spins its tale of Susannah Delaney and Betty Pavalak, two very different but caring mothers as they seek a safe sanctuary for themselves and their children. Beautifully written, great plot, and just one of those feel happy after reading I wish it lasted longer good books!

A novel profound in its connections to marriage, children, love, parenting and forgiveness, McCleary never becomes pedantic or boring. This is a lovely novel, full of depth in its characters and the problems we all face as parents, and how we deal with teenage angst. A SIMPLE THING is a simple novel with a big bang. A SIMPLE THING swings with the tide as musical and harmonic as the ocean. A very good read.

A Worn Path declares, “McCleary has written two wonderful, woman-centered novels. A SIMPLE THING will transport you to a different way of American life, delight you with its setting, and engage you in the trials of its well-rounded characters.” She then urges readers to seek out HOUSE AND HOME, McCleary’s first novel, which is available as an ebook for only $3.99 this month! What are you waiting for? Go buy them both!

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a little bonus, so check out the snazzy ad for A SIMPLE THING in the BookPage Book of the Day newsletter!


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