Michael Feinstein and Mary Cleere Haran Sing the Praises of NEW YORK NIGHT

Mary Cleere Haran, the acclaimed cabaret singer, and Michael Feinstein, the Grammy Award winning pianist and singer, have both read early copies of Mark Caldwell’s NEW YORK NIGHT: The Mystique and Its History, coming out from Scribner this fall. They both raved about it and offered the following blurbs.

Michael said, “New York Night is an amazing tour de force that dazzlingly redefines a city that I thought I knew so well. Mark Caldwell has made me keenly aware that I live in two different cities, and the nocturnal one is much more exciting!”

And Mary wrote: “The magic of this book, the author’s painterly way with light, the indelible images he conjures, lingers on like a Cole Porter melody, constantly shifting from dark to light, from major to minor keys. Mark Caldwell has an extraordinary gift for bringing the legendary and the obscure characters of night-time New York to life. As I read his book, it made me giddy to think I’m one of those fools who’ve made it their mission to keep the magic of the New York night alive.”


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