More Buzz for DEEP STATE

DEEP STATE continues to earn accolades and raves from readers. Check it out after the jump:

    The New York Post‘s Best Books of the Week

    Library Journal‘s Books of the Week: “DEEP STATE is a compelling page-turner with an unpredictable last-minute twist that will knock you off your feet…Perhaps ironically, I really think this book would appeal equally to suspense-loving readers on either side of the political spectrum!”

    The Independent‘s Best New Thrillers

    CrimeReads‘ Most Anticipated Crime Books of 2020: “DEEP STATE is a perfect political thriller for our times, as characters battle over the rule of law and the future of democracy.”

    The January ABA Indie Next List

    BookRiot‘s 8 Edge-Of-Your-Seat Thriller Novels You’ll Want to Read in 2020: “This compelling debut novel from screenwriter Chris Hauty takes place in Washington, D.C, following the recent election of the highly divisive President Richard Monroe. In the midst of heightening partisan tensions, the White House chief of staff is found dead. When an enterprising intern finds a clue that he may have been murdered, she realizes there may be deep state forces at play.”

    PopSugar‘s New Thriller and Mystery Books to Look Out For in 2020

    Just Another Damn Book Blog: “DEEP STATE is going to be the thriller everyone is talking about in 2020. There are a lot of great authors and a lot of great thrillers coming out this year. Chris Hauty does something that few of them do: he’ll surprise you. .Haley is a tough-as-nails protagonist and someone who is easy to rally behind. She shows great skill and tenacity. The story moves along at a breakneck clip with plenty of action along the way. Surprises keep coming one after the other in this outstanding debut thriller. This is a book that you’re going to want to talk to other people about. Fast-paced, twisty plot and great characters make this a book that demands to be read. Highly recommended.”

    A Book A Week: “With DEEP STATE, his debut novel, author and screenwriter Chris Hauty gives readers the first great thriller of the year. The prologue of the novel quickly endeared me to Haley as a character without hinting at any of the non-stop action to come. By engaging readers first with his character, Hauty imbues the novel with a depth and emotional connection that many thrillers brush over. Let’s be clear, there is plenty of plot and twits to burn through and keep the pages rapidly turning, but it is the thoughtful development of the main character that truly drives the story…Timely, character-driven, and full of action, Deep State by Chris Hauytty is pretty much everything you could hope from a modern thriller.”

    Kritters Ramblings: “The book’s central character is Haley Chill, who leaves the military to become a White House intern. Seeing this story through her eyes made the story feel so unique and different from your typical White House political thriller. Haley Chill, through her military training, is able to do things and notice things that most White House interns wouldn’t pick up on and I liked that she had this training to back her up.”


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