More Lehane News and Reviews

The Christian Science Monitor says, “Lehane certainly knows how to spin a yarn….Lehane also knows how to reimagine history, vividly dramatizing one of the darker episodes in this nation’s annals.” praises his “lean, readable prose” and declares:

It’s a book simple in plot, busy in narrative. There is romance, foiled and fulfilled, corruption and courage, an explosion at a molasses tank and a truly scary chase involving Danny’s teenage brother and a pedophile with a straight razor. Beyond that I must be vague because so much remains unresolved until late in the proceedings, and if you’re going to commit to 704 pages of Lehane, you deserve the rewards of his considerable suspense-building.

It seems like readers are agreeing with all of the critics, because THE GIVEN DAY has already climbed to #3 on the Independent Booksellers’ List!


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