More Praise for Cold Wind

Cold Wind by C.J. BoxMore praise for C.J. Box’s latest is blowing in the wind!

The Cleveland Plain Dealer gives the book an ‘A,’ saying, “This superb series, now in its 11th installment, is rich in character and inventive plot turns. It keeps improving and impressing.”

The Washington Post praises the novel’s “keen insight and dark beauty,” telling readers, “If you’ve never heard coyotes howl through a Yellowstone night or seen the dawn break over the Tetons, Cold Wind will serve as a first-rate travelogue. If you have, the novel will bring those experiences back for you without the stomach-churning landing at the Jackson Hole, Wyo., airport.”

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle states, “It may just be his best work yet, and that includes his standalone Blue Heaven, which earned him the 2008 Edgar Award for distinguished work in the mystery genre.” To those of you who are thinking of picking up your first C.J. Box novel, they have this to say: “A friend asked if you can enjoy Cold Wind if you have not read the other 10 Pickett novels. The answer is an emphatic yes. This book stands on its own, though the series is worth the time and effort.” They finish by saying, “The novel is written in Box’s usual fast-paced style, and the last 100 pages fly by.”

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer declares that a “kicked-up notch or two of wallop raises the multilayered promise of this rich and rewarding mystery.”

Kirkus says, “Joe spends more time than he’d like in rooms with ceilings, but the mystery is strong enough to compensate, and the revelations about wind farms will curl your hair no matter which side you’re on.”

New West calls the book a “diverting ride” and says, “What makes Cold Wind enjoyable for those who are interested in more nuance in their reading material is its evocation of Wyoming’s land, politics, people, and their values.”

The Wyoming Eagle Tribune also has an interesting interview with C.J. Box. Click here to learn how he comes up with his story lines and what he has in store for Joe Pickett!


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