More Praise For Echolocation

Echolocation by Myfanwy CollinsECHOLOCATION, which Publishers Weekly calls “stark and stirring,” comes out tomorrow! All the news, reviews, and interviews after the jump!

LitStack says:

Collins’ expertise writing flash fiction and short fiction shine through in her novel. Her prose is lean and precise, creating dramatic tension and emotional intensity without unnecessary embellishment. Her style is also very readable, so much so, that you might miss some of the loveliness of her language if you aren’t paying careful attention.

Echolocation will appeal to readers who are drawn to stories that explore humanity in all of its facets, the good and the bad, and that consider the rocky road to redemption. Fans of literary short fiction and flash fiction will especially appreciate Collins’ tightly crafted writing and suspenseful style.

More praise from Necessary Fiction:

Echolocation is a slim novel, elegantly written and carefully scripted. Collins has a knack for placing her characters in settings and situations that reflect their quiet feelings of emotional displacement. All of this makes it easy to call this a “beautiful novel.” And yet, it would be fair to say that Collins does not make it easy for her readers to feel comfortable with the arc of the story. Echolocation is not a straightforward tale of sorrow transformed or redemption found. The book involves serious violence—acts, both suffered and perpetrated, that do not leave a person undamaged. That cannot leave a reader complacent.

So yes, Collins makes beautiful art out of terrifying and grim realities. That she does this with so much obvious love for her characters is what makes Echolocation more of an elegy than an exposé. This is compassionate fiction, thankfully still clear-eyed and penetrating, but more than anything else, it is merciful.

Katrina Denza says, “This is a complex story, told with an assured, deft hand. Collins is a master at weaving story lines together in an artful, spare way. Every word is well-chosen. Every nuance is perfectly placed.Echolocation is literary fiction at its finest.”

David Abrams recently featured the book trailer for ECHOLOCATION on The Quivering Pen. Check it out here!

Here’s Myfanwy’s fantastic interview with her fellow author and friend Matthew Quick. 

For those of you in New York, Myfanwy will be reading on Wednesday night at the Pen Parentis Salon. Check out her website for a list of other appearances!


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