More Praise for The Big Finish


THE BIG FINISH is on shelves now, and the critics love it!

Publishers Weekly says, “Heart-pounding…Hall keeps the tension mounting as motives and alliances shift with the foul-scented wind. Even as violence looms, Hall’s talent for description adds a balancing, poetical note.” Booklist reports, “As always, Hall combines absurdist mayhem with remarkably subtle character interaction.”


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The Washington Post praises THE BIG FINISH as  “a tough-minded tale of love, violence and duplicity.”  Kirkus remarks, “The John D. MacDonald of The Green Ripper meets the Upton Sinclair of The Jungle. Better get your fill of ham and bacon before you start this one.”

 Hall is a major hit in the sunshine state.  The Naples Florida Weekly deems THE BIG FINISH a “highly entertaining and tightly plotted romp.”  The The Florida Times-Union says, “Always poetic, author Hall finds goodness and beauty in a very messy situation…But make no mistake, Hall has not gone soft in his old age. Thorn is as deadly as ever.”  According to The Tampa Bay Times, THE BIG FINISH is “a wonderfully relentless high-octane thriller.”  The Sun Sentinel reports that Brisk pacing keeps the tension high…Hall again delivers a solid story.”

And that’s not all!  The Richmond Times-Dispatch says, “The biggest lure of [Hall’s] fiction is his examination of moral issues, not only in black and white but also in numerous shades of gray. Clever and cinematic, The Big Finish explores, entertains and educates.”  Shelf Awareness says, “Although Hall’s plot travels a twisting path among drug dealers, rural black tenant farmers, Mexican farm workers and rogue FBI agents, he’s a pro who knows that his out-there characters and plots need to be grounded in a fluid narrative and a protagonist who lives as true to his own code as circumstances permit. Thorn is such a man, and The Big Finish is another slick addition to his chronicles.”   The Charlotte Observer notes, “[The Big Finish has] more switchbacks than a mountain road.”

Last but not least, Open Letters Monthly declares that THE BIG FINISH is “not to be missed – and that’s an order.”











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