Narrows Gate Reopens

Published last year by Audible as an audiobook original, NARROWS GATE by Jim Fusilli is now available in print thanks to AmazonEncore, the bookselling behemoth’s new publishing imprint. While Bookreporter loved the audio version, they say, “Its second coming in print form is an equal blessing.” More praise after the jump!

Bookreporter calls the book “an instant classic” and  “an explosive gallop for the mind, a joy that you won’t be able to read fast enough and will leave you wishing for more at its conclusion.” The reviewer concludes by saying, “I was reminded of a quote I read decades ago by Dion DiMucci: ‘They say you can’t go home again?! Ha! Try to leave!’ Fusilli knows Narrows Gate, and he captures a time and a place in a manner and to a degree that few others have been able to accomplish. Do NOT miss reading this one.”

One of their Top Picks, Night Owl Reviews says, “Readers who are looking for an all day and beyond read that covers the years from the early 20s through the end of World War II and beyond will grab this one and hold on. This is a family saga of great proportion even though it covers many different families. So, pick this one up, you won’t be sorry.”

Genre Go Round Reviews declares, “Using real life persona like senators, singers, and mobsters, James Fusilli provides a terrific timely epic that deeply looks into the first and second generation immigrant experience only in America.”



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